19. A Story About You And Your Best Friend.

One day my best friend Phil and I found out my little sister’s boyfriend had been cheating on her. We both call her sis, he’s been family for so long. Later on, we all gathered up together in his van and drove over to her ex-boyfriend’s house, Lizzie leaned out the passenger side window with a baseball bat and smashed the shit out of his mailbox.

Looking back, it was petty and really just impacted his parents, not him. But we were young, and angry, and acting like punks, and I loved that my BFF wanted to avenge my baby sister as much as I did.

Besides, don’t raise cheaters.

18. Quote You Live By.

I’m skipping “17. Last Awkward Situation You Found Yourself In” because that’s a stupid question I wouldn’t answer. …because it was awkward, obviously.

Quote I live by, hmm… Well, my favorite is “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Whether I live by it, I’d like to think so. I also like an alternative I heard recently, “Do unto others as others would have done unto them,” because it actually makes more sense - I’m just not a mind reader.

16. Turn Ons.

Well, that’s a little private. I’ll give some general ones.

1. Blonde hair.

2. Tattoos/piercings.

3. Hot car/motorcycle.

4. Being obnoxious and hilarious.

5. Being a gentleman.

Ehhh, I’ll just leave it at that. I don’t know what I like. A lotta things.

15. Jewelry That You’re Wearing.

Uhhh. Let’s see, my bone stud for my nose (Not a septum piercing - it’s the style of the jewelry), my cartilage and tragus rings, simple studs in one of my lobe piercings, these in the other:

And this on my wrist:

I thought this was going to be boring for me, but I guess I never really thought about all the metal I have in/on me at all times… Hm.

14. Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done.

That’s hard. Considering both of my siblings read this, that helps narrow what I’ll openly admit to down a lot, though.

I suppose going cross country in Australia with my little sister and two backpacks between us was pretty crazy. Fun, awesome, my bank account is still suffering, memories I’ll never forget… I’ve always wondered if I felt more nervous about it than Lizzie did, just because I’m the older one and only my credit card worked between us - a lot of responsibility rode on my shoulders. But it was awesome.

We roamed Sydney like backpacking tourists, enjoyed the Botanical Gardens, Subway, McDonald’s WiFi, the Opera House, and some rowdy Irish boys - who turned into creeps.

Hopped over to Melbourne and met Perl’s friend Sue there - she was a delight. Moved on to Adelaide where we shared a room with a ton of other girls and discovered we couldn’t swing Ayers Rock. Lizzie was bummed (Or did we find that out in Melbourne?).

Ended up in Perth, stayed with Shane and Jane and the second we dropped our bags at the house we discovered there was a roaring party going on. It was insane. A few hours in, it took me a while to figure out Shane’s half drunk, half asleep jabber meant he accidentally fed his dog special brownies. I was more worried about the chocolate than the… special. 

Exploring ensued, went sand-surfing and saw some very phallic-looking rock parks. That was my favorite day.

Went back to Sydney and caught our flight home. Long, boring flight home.

13. Favorite Memory Of This Past Summer

Well, fuck.

I got my car, Jessica.

Lizzie graduated.

Leta came up for a week.

Went to Shane and Jane’s wedding and hung out later at the Black Mountain Cabin with folks.

Moved into my first apartment.

Got hired by Oxford.

Those were all good things. I don’t really know what would be my favorite…

Ya know, I think my favorite time was a span of a few days: The last few days at Sammy’s house, the move, and the first few days in Nashua. That was a cool transition and it was probably my favorite time.

12. How You Met The Person You Fell Hardest For.

I have no idea.

Sorry, honey.

<3, :D

11. Favorite Song.

I think everyone on the planet already knows this, but:

Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns n’ Roses.

4 EVA.

And since I know each one of you desperately now want to listen to it, here. I helped.

10. What You’re Wearing.

Skinny jeans and a blue striped tee shirt. Super exciting.

I should be in pajamas by now, but I’m guessing I’m going to have to call outta work again tomorrow so I just don’t care. I had to stay home today because, even though I feel fine, I lost my voice and I work in a call center sooo… And today my voice just got progressively worse and worse. Based on the past few winters, I lose my voice for about two days or more, usually in January, I have no idea why.

Beep boop.

At least at my job, missing two days in a row only counts as one occurrence, not two. Still means I miss two days of pay.

Anyway, since this post is supposed to be about clothing, I saw a shirt at the mall that said “Bazinga” and I almost got it. I regret my decision.

9. You Christmas List

A bit late, but okay. What I had this year (good thing we did it over email this year, so I still have the real list):

  • Epilator
  • Gift cards.
  • Cute keychains
  • Photo frames.
  • Hoodies
  • Human Planet (DVD)
I got everything but the last two. And the cute keychain was actually that mooing cow keychain/frickin’ bright light thing I already own. Sammy knows. Just like your annoying duck one. Best part is that cow is missing somewhere in my move-out stuff and now I have a new one!